Hardcore Inventing-- Invent, Protect, Promote, and Profit from Your Inventions

Written by Ellie Crowe and Dr. Rob Yonover and illustrated by Micah Fry

Below is a whole spate of excellent reviews and endorsements.

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Hardcore Inventing Reviews and Endorsements

"One of two books I highly recommend to the inventor who wants to transform his or her idea into something that makes money!

When I cruise through B&N (Barnes & Noble) and spot a book that might be helpful to my SCORE-dot-org clients I usually take the necessary steps to write a book review for it. These days I am being a little more particular as to what I will review since I am tiring of the activity. But I could not let this book slide by. In my humble opinion it is a great companion book to Invent Yourself Rich: 16 Secrets for Creating Million-Dollar Inventions which I read and wrote a review for a few years back. The book is not written by an attorney nor a business consultant. It’s written by an inventor who wants to share his experiences in getting his invention (Rescue Streamer Technology) patented and profitable. He’s also probably written it as a marketing tool for his invention. If I had not read the book, then I would never have heard of his invention. This book is probably more detailed and a little bit more informative than the book I read a few years back. It gives another perspective - so I highly recommend anyone interested in the subject get both books and become very informed on the topic. 5 stars!"

Jeff Lippincott "www.Jlippin.com" (Princeton, NJ; TOP 500 REVIEWER; Amazon.com review August 9, 2009)


To be frank, I wish all inventing experts were as exciting as Rob Yonover. His passion is tangible and his spirit contagious…But what really resonated with me, and I hope resonates with you, is how he derives confidence for and in his idea.

Stephen Key, a successful award-winning inventor who has licensed over 20 products in the past 30 years.
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 www.allbusiness.com/north-america/united-states-west-usa-hawaii/12995268-1.html  (Dun & Bradstreet)


"Every page provides sound practival advice and inspiring real-life examples. Hardcore Inventing’s can-do approach and action-based ideas will make inventors reach for their got-to-do list."

Guy Kawasaki,  One of the original Apple/MacIntosh Evangelists, author of Reality Check and co-founder of Alltop.com

 "I speak from experience about the usefulness of Rob’s hardcore inventing principles.  By following Rob’s advice, I have been able to take one of those crazy ideas, that pops into everyone’s head from time to time, into a profitable business that allows me to work out of my home and spend more time with my kids."

Steven Spengler, Ph.D., Pacific Hydrogeologic, LLC. 


"Rob Yonover was the first person to take me surfing. He was eager to share with me something that he whole-heartedly enjoyed. I always viewed Rob as one who was going to succeed in life because whatever he did; he always applied himself to making any situation better.  While continuing his pursuit of great waves, he channeled his focus on water safety and created RescueStreamer. Now Rob wants to share his love of invention.  It’s recommend reading if you believe that you too have the soul of an inventor. Rob was always talking about new ideas, and better ways of doing things- way back in high school. If that sounds like you; then get busy."

Perry Farrell,  founder/lead singer of "Jane’s Addiction", "Porno For Pyros", "Satellite Party", creator of the Lollapalooza music festival


"Rob, whom I call “The Wizard of Waikiki,” is one of the most resourceful inventors I have ever met. The story of his Rescue Streamer ® alone is worth the cost of admission."

Richard C. Levy, Inventor and author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cashing In on Your Inventions”  Richard has licensed more than 125 toys and games including Furby ® and the trading card game WarStone™.

“Dr. Rob’s inventions care for humanity, display acute imagination, tenacity for perfection and creativity that has and will continue to save lives…This book is a concise and brilliantly simple approach, perfectly organized with salient examples, sprinkled with wit that makes it impossible to set down.  Any aspiring inventor or rational dreamer would be foolish not to embrace Hardcore Inventing as the primary guide for success. It is a logical check list to success based on great ideas and determination to succeed.”                                                                                                                                

Ralph J.W.K. Hiatt, Col. (Ret.), Army Special Operations 


This book is definitely required reading for anyone interested in inventing for profit. Rob’s book will arm you with special knowledge based on his original "IP3" approach, which in my opinion will keep you on track to becoming a successful inventor. I heartily recommend Rob’s book to all beginning and struggling inventors.

Robert G. Merrick, successful inventor/entrepreneur and author of "Stand Alone, Inventor!"

“Dr Yonover has the uncanny ability to create brilliant inventions and then efficiently transition them to the market place. He eloquently describes the process in understandable language in his book "Hardcore Inventing." Most great inventions go unnoticed because the inventions fail to reach the people that need them. Dr. Yonover effectively describes the road to success. The inventiveness and entrepreneurial mindset of Dr. Yonover has made this world a safer place–the RescueStreamer® would have saved three hours of search time if we had the device when my sailboat capsized in the Molokai Channel. Hardcore Inventing is required reading for any 21st Century inventor.”

Rick Shema, Commander/United States Navy (Ret.), President, Weatherguy.com

“You need three things to succeed in life:
            1) Desire
            2) Determination
            3) Hardcore Inventing by Dr. Rob Yonover and Ellie Crowe
With these in hand, you too could live the dream!"

Glenn Singer, self-made multi-millionaire, and three-term Mayor of Golden Beach, Florida.

"Just like the RescueStreamer and his many other creations, "Hardcore Inventing" was once just a dream in Rob Yonover’s head — and, possibly, as any writer knows, the most challenging to bring to life. That you now have this volume in your hands is further testament to Rob’s exacting methodology, relentless enthusiasm, and all the sage guidance that anyone who wants to birth a great idea will find in this excellent and inspirational book."

David Rensin, Author of All For A Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora.

"I lost sleep because I couldn’t put this book down!"

Christine Weger, J.D., Entrepreneur, Diehl and Weger, LLC.

 "Dr. Yonover’s passion for innovation is both refreshing and inspiring. "Hardcore Inventing" is an entertaining step-by-step map of what goes beyond the ‘big idea’ — a great guide for inventors, young and old alike. Real-world success stories, an inventor’s checklist and tips provide a complete manual for aspiring innovators everywhere."

Lynn Fujioka, President, isisHawaii (not-for-profit organization that excites students about math- and science-related fields).

"To see Dr. Rob Yonover channel life skills into his inventions and ultimately this book, shows us he is indeed a hardcore soul on solid ground. Bravo Doc for the gift you have given us all."

Terry R. Fields, J.D. , International Entrepreneur

“Rob has a great non-nonsense communication style that appeals to people that want to cut through the fat and get to the bone.  If you want to create a life, like Rob’s, that’s based on inventing great products, is personally satisfying, and stays far away from cubicle hell,  this book is for you. “

Peter Kay, Serial Tech Entrepreneur, YourComputerMinute.com

"Contains inside info on brainstorming, patents, marketing and much more.
I wish I’d had this book when I started down the inventing path!"        
Susan Wyshynski, Co-founder of WARP, co-inventor of VTV Software and Mandala Virtual Reality system

"From the initial thought through to a concept and on to a winning proposal, Hardcore Inventing has it all! It is an easy to use, informative and inspirational guide on how to take your idea and turn it into success. I should know, using Hardcore Inventing our seemingly crazy idea went all the way to beating over 40 teams and winning the Hawaii Pacific University Venture Challenge. Dreams can come true….with some help from Dr Rob Yonover and his valuable book…."
Dr. Matthew Boyd , BSc, BVMS, director of Aroomafresh LLC and winner of the 2008 Hawaii Pacific University Venture Challenge

"My life long friend Rob, has always looked at things with a creative open mind. He never stops talking about new ideas. About 7 years ago I visited Rob in Hawaii and bought him a couple fishing poles, lures etc. He instantly came up with a better way to make the lures swim naturally, how to create a "spread" to catch fish, and he ended up catching huge tuna, wahoo and marlin. Rob is an idea guy but can implement these ideas quickly into everyday life. That is what makes him a success in his career as an entrepreneurial inventor. He has a passion everyday for the love of creating."

Steven Esrick, Entrepreneur and Self-Made Multi-Millionaire and co-founder www.hopethrougheducation.com.

"As an entrepreneur and creative thinker Dr. Rob Yonover’s inventive thinking and guerilla marketing is nothing but amazing. He inspires and forces each of us to think out of the box with endless passion and smart inventive strategies."

Patrick Sean Flaherty, Founder BRANDHALO.COM


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