Kamehameha: The Boy Who Became a Warrior King

Kamehameha - Press Release

The Boy Who Became a Warrior King

Written by Ellie Crowe
Illustrated by Don Robinson

Honolulu, HI – A comet lights up the clear Hawaiian sky, marking the birth of a king prophesied to unite the Hawaiian islands. But the baby is spirited into hiding to escape hostile chiefs who fear the child and his destiny.

So begins the dramatic life of Kamehameha, the great monarch renowned for conquering the Hawaiian islands but whose deeds as king often overshadow the incredible story of his journey to manhood. Island Heritage proudly brings the great monarch’s fascinating early years to life with the release of Kamehameha – The Boy Who Became A Warrior King. Written by Ellie Crowe, the book is a gripping illustrated account of Kamehameha’s growth from lonely and frightened young boy to mighty warrior. Kamehameha’s life was an astonishing blend of Moses, King Arthur, and Greek drama and his story is an adventure that appeals to readers of all ages. Crowe captures all of the tension, danger, and triumph of this saga, aided by the rich and vivid illustrations of artist Don Robinson. Kamehameha seemed destined for greatness from the start, but the road to glory is paved with peril and adventure. Young readers will follow the infant Kamehameha into a lonely childhood spent hiding from the jealous and fearful chiefs who marked him for death. They will watch him grow into a formidable young warrior and share his thrill and excitement as he tastes his first battle. And they will marvel at his strength and courage as he moves the massive, sacred Naha stone, a feat that confirms his eventual destiny as the conqueror of all Hawaii. Kamehameha went on to countless other adventures as a ruler, but it was through these early trials and triumphs that he gained the mana, or power, that would later help him to become king.

Kamehameha’s tale is familiar territory for Crowe, a longtime Hawaii resident and author of the historical/cultural travel guide, Exploring Lost Hawaii, Places of Power, History, Mystery and Magic. Her many other Hawaii-themed works include Duke’s Olympic Feet, a biography of Duke Kahanamoku, and the children’s books Little Princess Kaiulani in Her Garden by the Sea, The Littlest Paniolo, Little Spring Eggs, Magic Moon Dreams, and The Boy Who Tricked the Ghosts. In her acknowledgements, Crowe gives thanks to Rubellite Kawena Johnson, the distinguished Professor Emeritus of Hawaiian Language and Literature at the University of Hawaii and a past recipient of the Hawaii Award for Literature, for her help and guidance in re-creating the life and times of the young king-to-be. Don Robinson was born and raised in Hawaii. Mostly self-taught, he has been an artist and illustrator for more than twenty years. Kamehameha – The Boy Who Became a Warrior King, is his second book. For more information, call Island Heritage at 564-8800.

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